Katy Ledecky Swimming Contest

Katy Ledecky has been invited to a very strong swimming contest in ALPEDRETE, MADRID.

Althougth the prize is not very important (50 Euros, a chorizo sandwich from the 'Restaurante la Sopa Boba' and a commemorative t-shirt of the MSX game 'Charli la Paloma II'),

Katy deciced to accept the invitation because the challenge that suppose to her career, bored of win olimpyc medals and trophyes that fill many rooms in her mother's house.

So Katy flyes MADRID, doing scale in CANTABRIA beacuse he heard that CANTABROS are a very handsome men, and goes ALPEDRETE to reach the SWIMMING GLORY.

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january 3, 2019

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january 3, 2019

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