Chibi Akumas - Episode 1: Invasion!

The town of Nicoyama is in trouble!

The evil Chibiko is plaguing their land, Killing their inhabitants and massacring their neighbors...

And now with the resurrection of her ghoulish brother, it seems just a matter of time before they are finished...

In the face of this ultimate evil they knew there was only one thing they could do!

It is said that there are two great warriors who roam the lands, fighting evil wherever it arises, That they know no fear, and fight selflessly for justice, And that no evil force can stop them!

And so the residents of Nicoyama sent out a call for these heroes...

Knowing that they would surely come and save the town in its moment of need!

Unfortunately... They didn't turn up!

And worse, the infamous 'Hero Twins' did!... since being banished from neerby hilltown after a 'small' ecological disaster, they're looking for a new place to prove their mettle!

With their massively over-inflated egos, military tactics that make 'shock and awe' look like passive resistance, and a tendency to only fight 'selflessly' for justice once securing full merchandising rights for the victory movie, The town is asking themselves 'Did things just get better... or worse?'

Now Nicoyama is gripped in the ultimate battle between insanity and stupidity, A battle which will decide their fate once and for all!

Whoever wins, the inhabitants of Nicoyama know one thing for sureā€¦ their town is completely fxxked!



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