Children of the Night

Centuries ago, the Night had a son. He had many names, but only one still echoes in the corridors of history: Count Vlad Drakul, the Child of the Night.

Defeated in 1899 by a young scholar by the name of Abraham Van Helsing, Drakul has awoken 40 years later and now the Child of the Night is back amongst the living. What could have caused his return?

As it turns out, Drakul’s awakening coincides with the coming of a demon who promises to spread chaos and darkness across the world, and Drakul’s fate is somehow tied to this dark monster. Can our world be saved by the Child of the Night?

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Game design
Antoni Burguera
Antoni Burguera
Antoni Burguera
Antoni Burguera
Music & FX
Carlo Bandini
Additional code
Armando Pérez
Base graphics
Miguel Á. Fernández
Cover art
Sandra M. Garzón




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november 5, 2017

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april 7, 2018

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