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Inside a cybernetic world, Bit is alive. He is looking for something.

He lives in a strange city full of droids and robots.

Bit has a gun that he use to destroy enemies. But why?

Join to Bit. He will be your virtual avatar in this binary and cyber world.

Can you discover what is Bit's mission?

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OXiAB Game Studio Staff

JamQue (Rafel Pérez)
Main Graphics
Joan Redondo
Tolken (Alex García)
GFX ingame
JamQue (Rafel Pérez)
Juan Antonio Maldonado
Level Designer
JamQue (Rafel Pérez)
Testing & ideas
Fubu (Alberto Gutiérrez)



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Online since
november 20, 2015

Last update
may 8, 2016

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