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Mr. Cracksman

Mr. Cracksman is the most famous thief in the world. He loves challenges and that’s the reason why he is planning a huge robbery: the big fortune in the vaults located at the basement of Richter’s Bank!

His task won’t be easy, as the Police has been informed about his intentions and they have surrounded the place with them special forces!

Would you be able to get every coin in each vault and much more treasures before they catch you? Run for your loot and try to get the highest score!



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Gráficos, diseño y código
Jon Cortázar
Música, efectos y pruebas
José Vicente Masó
Ángel Sáinz
Dedicado a
¡el todopoderoso Iker! y al equipo de “Head On”
Agradecimientos especiales
Albert Beevendorp (percusión)

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october 3, 2013

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june 13, 2014

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